You Have to Pay the Price for you to Get the Prize’ Dr. Mutiu Qassim

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In a speech today at the monthly Islamic Modeling Forum (IMF) with secondary school students, Dr. Mutiu Qassim educates students on how to strive, with an outline of ten factors (focus, priority, proactive, attitude, sacrifice, synergy, mentor(s), self development and reliance on Allah ) to attaining success. He began with the quote that says: YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR YOU TO GET THE THE PRIZE.

Dr. Qassim while convincing students explains that Islam does not hinder Muslims from attaining academic excellence because Allah (s.w.t) differentiates in Surat Zumar vs 9 between the knowledgeable and in knowledgeable individual. He as well cited examples of the efforts of the prophet (s.a.w) and his companions in seeking knowledge and striving towards perfection in their dealings.

Abdullahi Davies; an educator and motivational speaker, inspired students on the unique and special being that exist in an individual student that differentiates s/he from others. Frankly speaking with students, Davies explained that knowing that special feature is a determinant to attaining success. He explains that this feature enables an individual to have focus on his/her career in life.

With ample description on how to make beverages, Davies decodes the meaning of “stir” ( search, train, invest and relationship with God ) giving a pictorial representation of the intended meaning to the students.

A well reckon scholar from Nasarawa State University; Dr. Bunyamin Ajayi, was one of the invited guest among present top scholars.

Nabilah AbdulGafar

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