Winners emerge in 15th Lagos Qur’an Competition

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Winners have emerged in the 15th edition of the Lagos Qur’an Competition organised for youths in Lagos State as a means to promote spirituality, morality and memorization skill.

The grand finale of the competition held on Sunday in Lagos, saw 18 reciters emerge as winners in the various categories of the competition.

In the keenly contested competition, the reciters were tested on memorisation, pronunciation, voice sonority, composition and dressing.


When the winners were announced, there was jubilation among the spectators and participants, the majority of whom came with their parents.

The competition is held in honour of late father, Alhaji (Dr) AbdulLateef Adegbite, the pioneer President of the MSSN, who died nearly 6 years ago.

Winners of 15 Juzu male category are: Bilal Abdur Rasheed (3rd); Muhammad Naeem (2nd); Umar Muhammad (1st)

Winners of 15 Juzu female category are: Muminah Bello (3rd); Aabidah Tajudeen (2nd); Fatimah Adebiaro (1st)

Winners of 5 Juzu male category are: Fuad AbdulFattah (3rd); Abdullah Abubakr (2nd); Atukale AbdulQadri (1st)

Winners of 5 Juzu female category are: Khadijah Lukman (3rd); Sidiqah Bunyamin (2nd); Haleemah Awwal (1st)

Winners of 3 Juzu male category are: Abdur Rahman Luqman (3rd); Abdullah Abdul Salam (2nd); Inran Yusuf (1st)

Winners of 3 Juzu female category are: Fatiah Zakariyyah (3rd); Hafsah Bello (2nd); Maryam Ibraheem (1st)


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