What you know about AOCOED as a new student

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Abideen Muhammed

As far as AOCOED is the focus of this topic, we have 30 courses in the college. This is for AOCOED alone and not in line with other schools. Some subjects combinations in AOCOED are not in other College of Education and vice versa. A student-teacher ( someone in college of education) is expected to pick two courses. One will be major while the second one is minor as we tagged it.

For instance, I am doing Computer and Mathematics Education. Computer is my major while Mathematics is my minor. The format is, the first course you mention or write is your major but there are exceptions.

Among the exception is that we have some courses referred to as “Double Major (meaning that you don’t combine them with another course). For instance, Business Education is double major, Fine and Applied Art is also double major.

Having said that, in AOCOED we have five Schools otherwise known as faculty in the university. We have: school of sciences (with 7 departments), School of vocational and technical education (with 5 departmens), school of art and social sciences (with 10 department), School of languages (6 department) and School of early childhood education(2 department). This makes the 30 departments / courses we have in AOCOED. There is also slight difference in the arrangement of schools in other college of education.

Obviously, there is no department one can actually toy with or take with levity hand. Though, some courses are awkward than others. But to pass in AOCOED it requires dedication and preparation.

The structuring of AOCOED can be subdivided into: the religious center, Students’union building, Students’affairs building, Senate building, academics affairs, staff quarters, relaxation centre, stationery and Abe Igi, etc. As a serious student in part one, during your first semester in the college, try as much as possible to avoid all Abe Igi (tree). It is very dangerous to you as a novice.

In Abe Igi, a lot of atrocities are designed therein and luring new students in is always the target. If you are not strong enough to resist harassment or love politics, you also need to stay away from Students Union building at least for the first semester except if you want to pay for annual due or you want to join the school politics.

As for joining the school politics, it is always good for those who are above average in education, can do muilt tasking and maintain their moral ethics even when everybody is doing opposite otherwise don’t join.

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