Vehicle scarcity; passengers cry out loud

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The continuous dearth of vehicles at Iyana Iba/Ipaja axis has been the major reason passengers suffer unduly at the bus stop of the aforementioned axis. This is due to the unofficial tax imposed on the drivers at the area by the so called Baba Isale.

The scarcity reached it peak on Thursday, 17th October, 2018 when passengers were delayed from getting to their destinations due to high fare.

An interviewed road user recognised as Adetola who claimed to have been at the bus stop for long said: “this scarcity of vehicle has been happening since yesterday, I heard that people at the top (Baba Isale) stopped the commercial drivers from working until they pay some certain amount of money.”

It was gathered that fares from First gate to Iyana Iba was #200 but has been increased to #500 at present.

The present condition has driven most passengers to trek to nearby bus stops in order to reduce fares and to aid free movement of private owned cars as the congestion is causing traffic.

Passengers therefore appealed to those concerned to come to their aid.

Habeebah Mustapha

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