Vehicle road turns to a dust bin

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Mustapha habeebah

The route which leads to first gate from Badagry becomes a dumping area and an architect of low sales for the shop owner around the yonder.

This dirty area causes a lot damages to vehicle as well has disappointing people of their target time to get to a certain place.

A shop owner who sells natural herb said: “please help us to tell the government to repair the road this place is always smelling and sometimes ago some government worker always stop the Mallams that dump dirty there but they have stopped now” this road is really affecting the sales of shop owner or canter owner whereby the bad odour coming from the dumping location tend chase customers that wishes to patronize them.

This trash are piled up by those Mallam who choose to collect refuse as their own sources of income from the neighborhood and they are been paid, just because they have no other place to work.

Not only the shop owner are affected, the vehicle that passes through the route are always in traffic some get flat tyres while some vehicle stop working due to the bad road condition and this most time leads to road accident, where people lose their lives.

We call on the government and the chairman of OJO to come to our aid.

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