UNILAG BLACKOUT: No plan to increase hostel fee – management

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Abideen Muhammed, Lagos

Following the two days blackout during the weekend in the College of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos, the students have accused the management of plan to increase their hostel fee come January 2019. However, the school authority debunked the claim.

Acccording to the Acting College Secretary, Olayinka Obafemi-Moses, said the students were not fair to the university in their complaints. The Triibune confirmed the report.

“And now as we speak, there is light already, just as you have observed, in the hostel and the college at large”, he said.

“So, the students need not to fear as there is no plan to increase their hostel fee either now or near future. Even what they(students) are paying is not a fee but service charge and that is how it’s applicable to all students living in the hostels in federal universities nationwide. And within the next 48 hours, everything would have become normal,” he assured.”

Obafemi-Moses attributed the power outage to technical hitch from the source and had nothing to do with the alleged plan increment of hostel fee.

He said the hostel, as well as the entire LUTH community, is not connected to the national grid but on an independent power supply and that was why the people in the community are enjoying relatively better power supply than the users of government generated electricity elsewhere around the country.

Opinions of the Students:

A source among the students claimed that the provost had earlier proposed increment in hostel fee in a meeting held in November which was rejected by the Vice Chancellor. Therefore the blackout is a deliberate plan by the school management.

According to a 300 level student in the department of Pharmacy claimed that management planned to increase hostel fee. He said: “the school wanted to increase our hostel fee because they said running the power plant for light is very expensive. That is why they cut the light so that students will feel uncomfortable.’

In a chat with the students union leader of the college, Comrade Agbaje confirmed that the management had no plan to increase hostel fee at least for now.


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