This is everything you need to know about 2019 Ramadan lecture organized by the Blind Muslims

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Abideen Muhammed

The Muslim Association of Visually Impaired Nigeria, MAVIN has on Saturday, May 18, 2019 organized Ramadan lecture to address key issue battling the Nigerian Muslims. The program was held in conjunction with the patron of the association, Fadheelat Sheikh Abdurrahman Sulaimon Adangba.

The theme of the Ramadan lecture is: Unity in diversity; A Way Out of The Contemporary Challenges Facing the Muslim Ummah. The program was held at Adangba Central Mosque Idimu (4, Sulaimon Adangba Close, Ogunrombi Estate, Idimu).

The Chairman of MAVIN, Qamarudeen Hamzah while giving his opening speech welcomed all the guests especially the patron, Adangba. He urged all members of MAVIN to continue striving and never relent for blindness is of the mind and not eyes.


Ustadh Jamiu Tirmidhi, Proprietor of Nasrullah College,Isheri  who was the lecturer for the day divided his speech in three phase: Essence of Ramadan, Islamic stance on Virtually impaired Muslims and the topic.

He said: “The blind are one of those who are exempted in Islam from some acts of worship like Jihad.

“If Allah deprived you of anything, he will definitely replace it with something better. Your present situation is a trial from Allah.

“The prophet said among the eyes that will not enter hell on the Day of Judgment is the blinded one. The truth is, among the companions of the prophet, we have the blind like Abdullah Bn Makhtum. He was blind yet he is the second caller of prayer.

“For us to have unity in Nigeria then we must learn our language of communication. Let Hausa learn Yoruba and Igbo and vice versa. Once we can communicate with ourselves freely then we are going to be united.

“The pious predecessor learnt more than one languages which aided the propagation of Islam.”

The Chairman of the program, Mr Bankole while explaining the essence of the topic to journalists sad: The Muslim needs to be united in order to fight with a single voice that is why we picked this topic. The present maladies we are experiencing in Nigeria is as a result of division among us”

The association launched their plan to have Braille Quran machine in Lagos in order to teach the blind Muslims the Quran and their faith. However, some members of MAVIN are acquainted with the Braille Quran. Mr Bankole, the Chairman of the program who is also the former President of the association read the Braille Quran in Arabic while Mr A’Ganiy Muh.Awwal read the English.

Dignitaries at the program were Mr A’Wasiu Salaudeen (Omo tomo Color) from Bond FM and a member of MAVIN; Alhaji Ajani Shakirudeen Abidemi; special guest of honor, Sheikh Abdurrahman Sulaimon Adangba; delegates from NASFAT and other well wishers.

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