The tale of a thief in Otto Awori

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Abideen Muhammed, Lagos

It was on a Thursday night, November 29, 2018 around Ile Oba Busstop where a guy who was in a well dressed cloth pretended to be urinating beside me where I was pressing my phone on the road before he snatched the phone and ran away with it.

Though, with the help of a soldier and other road users I was able to retrieve my phone but it was tough. Indeed, I have always heard of different theft cases in Otto since my 100 level but today I witnessed it.

Mr name is Miftahudeen Olowoyobiojo, a student of Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education. I am using ‘Itel new product, A32F model.’

On Thursday, November 29, 2018 I left the school for my hostel at Sanni Alaso, Vespa popularly known as ‘Uthman hostel’ at about 9PM. As I was walking pressing my phone, I discovered that a guy was stylishly following me so I stopped walking. At this this time, he pretended to be urinating. Before I could know what is happening, he had snapped my phone running towards the ‘forte oil’ fueling station in which I started running after him shouting thief repeatedly with the intention of getting helps.

At a point, he changed his direction towards the Otto Awori health center. Yet I followed him shouting help. As I made an attempt to cross the road, I fell down and sustained an injury in my elbow and my knicker became tarred. I stood immediately to follow him.

At this juncture, a soldier took a bike to run after him with me. Meanwhile, there was a close street besides the health center. Unknowingly for him, he ran there and couldn’t help but to hide in the toilet. I continue shouting thief while those living in the area are pointing to toilet that he is there.

Before we knew what is happening, he has made an attempt to jump over the fence behind him. As he made the attempt, those that heard my voice started stoning him. Then the soldier marched forward to catch him. Alas! He slipped off the soldier’s hand and escaped again.

This time around, he ran towards Otto Awori Local Government where he initially snatched the phone. Luckily for me, some people were already at alert waiting for him. As he crossed the road leading to Otto Awori LCDA, a man just knocked him down.

Everybody surrounded him and started beating him after retrieving my phone from him. He was dealt with mercilessly. He was beating to the extent that he couldn’t walk properly again. Later, he was moved to Oba Ijanikin palace before I left the scene to take some rest. In fact, it was an experience. I only received the grace of God that day because it is rear to recover your phone from thieves in Otto. Many students in AOCOED can attest to it. That day, I also learnt my lesson in a hard way.

Despite that a college of education is situated in the Otto Awori environment, it still remains one of the notorious and uncivilized town I had been to in Lagos. As a student who have spent two years in Otto, I have witnessed many scenarios of theft. I think those in authority in Otto need to act fast before it goes out of control.

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