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Shukurat 17 years old girl and Nofisat 13 years old girl they both hails from ibadan. They both came to Olugbo – odeyemi in obafemi owode local government for their holiday break at their sisters place who had a rancor with her husband.

Their elder sister who had rancor with her husband has left to the nearest village. Fidiwo village to be precise.

As it was narrated from one of the eye witness, it was said that on the 16th of August, 2018 their mother asked the two sisters to go to fidiwo village to ask their sisters load, they left Olugbo village at exactly 7:00 am on that day to fidiwo village passing though a village known as MOSAN village. Getting to fidiwo village the person in charge of their sisters luggage did not allow them to carry it. When the landlord and their husband’s sister observed the sunset they raised an alarm to the villagers on the Missing sisters.

They search every nook and cronies of Olugbo – odeyemi village. One of the villagers who was returning from farm met three young boys on his way home after they have exchanged pleasantries, the farmer asked where they were going this night because he can smell a rat and the way this boys were frightening when they saw him, they replied that they were going to Lagos state. Getting to the village he heard the incidence that happened and narrated those boys he suspected while he was returning away from farm.

The village head went to the police station at fidiwo express ibadan road, to report the case of the missing sisters and he mentioned the boys as a prime suspect. After thorough investigation one of the boys confessed that they were the one who killed the two sisters on their way to fidiwo village and promised to take them to where their body were lying helplessly on the floor without disclosing what they might have done or what they have been used for.
However, the police came from owode to Mosan village to pick their bodies as the case was been transfered from owode police station to Eleweran in Abeokuta ogun state.

In conclusion, the residents area urge the police to do thorough investigation on the matter in order to protect the life and properties of the people who lives in the area.

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