The battle before Nigeria is “Gargantua”says Femi Falana

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Eletu suliyat

At a youth gathering tagged an evening with the youth conveyed to bring young people together to engage political candidates and thought leaders on significant issues of the 2019 General Elections viz- a-viz youth involvement to end violence pre and post-election while driving active voter participation from the youth force and setting agendas to continually promote and increase youth’s inclusion and contribution in Nigeria’s.

The event was themed:Nigeria Election’s conversation : Youth on call,Saturday 9th February,2019 at Shell hall Muson centre ,Lagos.

The keynote speaker Femi Falana a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist. Senior Advocate of Nigeria posited that the battle before Nigeria is “GARGANTUAN” that there is a big task to normalise our political system.

Bar Femi Falana on the podium.

He added that ,”Nigerians pray more than any Nation”As he also advice young people to question their environment and the authority . He also pointed out that Nigeria is rich enough to feed everyone but some people have become an hindrance and feel for their selfish interest.
“Our country is a goner ” Falana said, ” If the country can not take care of the poor who are more populated ,how will they then secure the rich “.

Falana added that gone are the days when industries look for graduate to come work in their companies but now youth graduate into frustration. He then concluded that today belongs to the youth as Youth can determine the future tomorrow.

A panelist Bankole Welligton also known as Banky.W a musician,producer and a candidate in Eti-Osa costituency from MDP(Modern Democratic party ) pointed out that .” The mark of Leaders is not by how many followers but how many people you can empower to also be a leader.


L-R ,Host,Gbadebo Rhodes,Banky-W and Dayo Isreal.


The way you can make your Government accountable to you is to make them “Uncomfortable” he said .

He added that,when it comes to choosing a representatives or a leader you considered 3Cs ( Credible,Competence and Character ).

He furthered said,Check if the person is Credible, Competent enough to serve the people and Character is not left out.

Hon Segun Olulade “Eleniyan” also hit the nail on the wall that what he wanted to see in Nigeria of tomorrow “where everyone get justice ,infrastructure ,quality education and where Youth would know their Right.
Owolabi Ibrahim chief volunteer InvolveAfrica said Nigeria of his dream is impacting the lives of young people,young people should be in power,good governance and choosing people who we believe can do it better” ,the founder siad.

L-R, Host, Margreat Fagboyo,Segun Olulade(Eleniyan) ,Ugochi and Founder pf Involve Africa .

Margaret Fagboyo said her Dream of Nigeria today is to see where “Everyone matters”including the youth by giving them their priority to say what they have in mind and ensures a sustainability”.

Margaret Fagboyo and Banky-Welligton

Miss Ugochi Said ” Nigeria of my dream today is that ,those who are working should be given an opportunity to solve a problem.

Dayo Israel a youth advocate said ” Leadership is a service you choose to offer but not a title holder”.

Also in attendance were the contestant/candidate of different political parties, campaign group of Osinowo,Apc candidate east senatorial in Lagos ,dance group and the audience .

Group photograph.

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