Shi’ites endorse Buhari for second term

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Abideen Muhammed

Shia Clerics from various denominations have pledged loyalty to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and urged all its members across the country to come out enmasse to re-elect him for a second term.

The clerics called on members of the Ibrahim El-Zakzakky led Islamic Movement of Nigeria, to embrace dialogue and shun acts that breach public peace.

Sheikh Mohammed Nur, a cleric with the sect in an interview regretted the atrocities some members of the sect have committed against the state and subsequent threat to public peace they have been accused of.

Mohammed said: “Some of our brothers were accusing the government of President Muhammadu Buhari of what happened with the Chief of Army Staff in Zaria and we have been calling for dialogue. Let them come forward and tell us what those areas they are aggrieved and the government too will state their demands.

“We call on President Buhari to open a channel for dialogue with other groups so as to ensure a smooth sail to victory”

Mohammed described President Buhari as a trustworthy and upright man whose integrity no Nigerian leader has ever attained.

Another Shia cleric, Sheikh Saleh Zaria said, all Shi’ites in Nigeria have resolved to give mobilise and vote Buhari back in the general elections. He said President Buhari is not an enemy of Shi’ites contrary to what many think.

He recalled what the Buhari administration has done in the last Three and half years in the areas of agriculture and infrastructural development.

“We saw his good works when he headed the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF)”

“PTF project under Buhari are the only remaining legacy of the late Abacha’s government. 80% of the rice consumed today in Nigeria is produced locally” – He said.

“We support the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, we are behind him and pray he wins for a second term” –He added.

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