Shiites accused Buhari for the killings of some of its members

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Rizqoh Murtadho.

President Buhari was behind the gruesome killings and arrest of the gruesome killings and arrest of the followers of sheikh El_Zakzaky during the Arbaeen symbolic trek using Guards Brigade.said,Abdullah Musa

Shiites group accused president Muhammad Buhari for ordering the killings of 52 of its members by the Guards Brigade of Nigerian Army.

According to daily independent,The group made the accusation on Friday in Abuja during a procession to commemorate 40 days of the Abuja killings when army and the police allegedly opened fire on the members of the group who were carrying out a procession to mark the Ashura Day.

The protest which kicked off from the Central Mosque immediately after the Juma’at Prayer was terminated at Zone 4 where the group rained invective on the president for his atrocities.

Abdullahi Musa, spokesperson of the movement, said that President Buhari was behind the gruesome killings and arrest of the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky during the Arbaeen Symbolic Trek using Guards Brigade.

According to him, “When somebody dies in Islam after 40 days there will be a prayer and remembrance for the person . So today is 40 days after the President of Nigeria ordered the army ‘Guards Brigade’ to kill followers of Shaikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky during their Arbaeen Symbolic Trek here in Abuja.

It is Guards Brigade that came out and opened fire on unharmed citizens with live ammunitions including tankers and all sorts of arms and weapons they used against us. They killed 52 people and went with so many.

“Till today, the Nigerian government intentionally refused to brief the public on the actual reason behind such a barbaric massacre on its citizens. The military were confused enough to say that they were pelted with stones, which was justified with the use of live bullets,” Abdullahi stated.

Source: Independent news

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