See why youth have no resons to vote in 2019 election.

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Eletu suliyat

See why youth don’t have to engage in 2019 Election.

The youth are not meant to engage in this coming election which is knocking at the door .

The major political party All progressive Party and People Democratic party ,APC and PDP respectively doesn’t have anything to offer the youth but just to brainwash our brains .

It is high time youth sees that this major party are not discussing issues affecting us.

A press release on August 7th,2018 states that ” Speaking during a courtesy visit to the management of Bayero University, Kano (BUK), which hosted the INEC Youth Votes Count Campus Outreach Initiative on August 7, Mr Yakubu revealed that judging from the figures emanating from the on-going Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise, coupled the voting pattern noticed in the 2015 general elections, Nigerian youth currently constitute a sizeable percentage of the total population of registered voters that could be a game changer in the 2019 polls”.

Also a consolidated number of voters registered in 2019 general elections stated that ,youth has 51.11%.

The above statements shows how useful the youth are and without them, the so called “CANDIDATE” does not have to be optimistic about winning the election.

Many youth have left what they ought to do as being a youth in a society and allowing the “Looters” to use them ,that is so pathetic enough.

It would be recalled that ,ASUU had gone on an indefinite strike which had begun on November 4,2018 and it is so called ” YOUTH” attending this universities yet the Government want our support during the forthcoming election which is not going to be possible .

Government continue to announce their manifestoes as what we have been hearing from ancient yet none ever mentioned of how Youth going to be useful or take part in decision making .

The All Progressive Congress,APC and Peoples democratic party ,PDP candidates Buhari and Atiku respectively were absent at the presidential candidate held on 19th,January 2018 which is just for them to show the public new things they have for us ,is this the type of Government the youth would love to vote for ?.

I opine that ,this is the time Youth to adopt the “Trade by barter system”as it desperate to all candidates attaining the seat of “Power” to give what they have to get what they want .

The youth shouldn’t be allowed to be use by the so called “Politicians so as not to meet themselves where they don’t expect.

So many issues have to be address before we would vote for them,because mere manifestoes should not be what we “Youth” to quantify reasons to be voted for .

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