Rosulu Idowu: 4 main projects Ojo local government promises to do in 2019

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The Executive Chairman of Ojo Local Government, Hon. Rosulu Olusola Idowu has listed all the projects done so far within one year in office and the next proposed ones for 2019. Hon. Rosulu presented these in his speech during 2019 Budget Stakeholders Forum meeting held at Ojo Town Hall on December 13, 2018.

The Chairman said: “The divergence of opinions in budget implementation necessitated this idea. We may plan to build A for a particular ward while their need will be B. We want to bridge that gap between us, thus we need our input if this administration must succeed.”

“Within one year of our administration, we have built E-library at ward A, distributed Borehole, built a hospital, empowered youth through our empowerment program, etc.”

The Chairman while responding to requests made by each representative duly represented in the forum stressed that his administration will strive to meet their demands with four major one ranging from building Garage in Alaba International Market, Road Construction, Youth empowerment and Loan to traders.

“I have noted all our demands, however, we must be sincere with ourselves. You can’t get everything at a time because of the paucity of fund. We can only work within the availability of the money we have with a scale of preference”, he said.

2019 Projects:

1. Road Construction

“This government had planned to reconstruct some roads earlier this year but was paralyzed due to continuous heavy rain experienced. We promise to do them next year as long as the rain is friendly.”

“Grading during the rainy season is very dicey. It can lead us to bankrupt more so the constructed road won’t last again. It is our hope to do them next year as soon as possible.”

2. Garage in Alaba International Market

“The calamity caused by the heavy traffic usually experience in Alaba International Market is bad. Recently, our fire force team couldn’t save a burning house on time due to the traffic in Alaba International market. Whether we like it or not, Garage will be built in Alaba International Market so warn those selling on the road or those collecting illegal money to desist from such acts before we lay our hand on them.”

“Free flow of traffic in Alaba International road which can only be achieved by building Garage. Once we have the garage, we would be able to enforce that there is no parking on the road. We are so sure that building Garage will ease movement in Alaba.

“As I speak with you we are already discussing with people on how to achieve the garage. We will implore all stakeholders, shop owners, Baale to cooperate with our agents. It may be impossible to have a realistic change without changing ourselves. Though, there shall be all-inclusive meeting on I very soon. The space created for the garage should be maintained.”

3. Youth Empowerment Program

“We shall intensify our efforts in youth empowerment program just like we have been doing before. We did agricultural training for people and we are going to continue. For the deaf and dumb people living in Ojo, there shall always be five slots reserved for them in any of our youth empowerment programme so that they won’t become a liability in the Local Government Area.”

4. Traders’ Soft Loan Program

“We have started this next year though not yet circulated. One or two conditions are attached to it. You will also need to get some documents before you are entitled to it. As for us, we have kept N10 million aside to loan traders in Ojo”, he said.

The Chairman promised to keep working for the good of the Local Government as long as people keep paying their rates to keep enjoying the dividends of democracy.

Dignitaries at the forum were Hon. Yinka Durosimi (Alubarika) – former Chairman of the local government, Hon. Sikirullah Lawal – Secretary to the Local Government, Rev. Rotimi Ogunmuyiwa and Mr Habeeb Tijani from Nigeria Inter-Religion Council (NIREC), Alhaji Azeez Ajani – Baba Olojo of Alaba International Market, etc.

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