Ramadan Talk: 4 ways to meet Itikhaf

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Abdulahmeed Adebayo

The last ten days of Ramadan is the Sunnah of Itikaf. They are days in which Muslims are expected to spend the last ten days of Ramadan in seclusion and while seeking forgiveness and blessings from their Lord.

Hazrat Aisha (RA) reports about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the following way: “He used to perform Itikaf in the last ten days or Ramadan until Allah the Mighty & Majestic,
took him.” (Bukhari).

Muslims are expected to relate with Itikhaf in the following ways:

1. Shun Worldly Affairs: A Muslim is kept away from the desires of this world. At this time it is expected of muslims to seclude their self and leave the worldly affairs and put their trust in Allah.

2. Self-reflection: Muslims are expected to take their time to reflect on the wordings of the Quran. Read it and reflect upon the messages. For reflection benefits the reader of the Quran.

3. Seek night of majesty: I’tikaf gives oppoutunity for Muslim to be devoted. Therefore every Muslim must strive to see the night.

4. Develop spirit of Brotherhood: Itikhaf gives opportunity of staying with muslims brother which some people may not have the opportunity since the begining of the year. Hence, Muslim must utilise the opportunity to mingle with people.


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