Picture Is Not Who We Are

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By: Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)

“Cheese” we say
Splitting our lips like the red sea.
Our heart crossing the in between to run from
Our soul’s knot. We are fine or we’d be fine are
Oxymoron that wage war when the
Sound click click is made by the sword of deceit.

Every pictures are stories that reflect us not
They are just the memories we use to trap happiness
And we crawl into every scary night
Believing the smiles on the petals of our mouth
That there is hope cause the pictures
Sing songs of hope.

Pictures are what we picture to be the perfect us
Where we’re filtered to be all we yearn to be.
Beautiful… Rich… Flawless skinned…A Tourist.
So we lie to ourselves and each time we get
Strucked by reality, we die in the pool of depression
Again and again… Over and over.

Pictures are not us.

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