Pay our salary – LUTH Doctors urge Federal Government

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Mustapha Habeebah

Pay our salary-LUTH Doctor urge the Federal goverment

The Association of resident Doctor (ARD) Lagos state university teaching hospital (luth) Branch, lamented over the non payment of salaries by the management of the hospital

The member called the attention of the federal government to come to their aid to enable them stop the strike which took effect on Thursday

The Hospita’ARD president, Dr Adewale oba, in an interview with The Nation at the association’s secretariat in LUTH, idi-Araba at the weekend said “the non payment of salaries has has affected hisco- member negately”

According to the president he said “many resident Doctor could no longer transport themselves to work, provide for their families or take care of needy things due to their non Payment of  three month salaries


The head of corporate service for LUTH, Kelechi Otuneme, said” the hospital’s management has called the attention of the ministry of finance and other ministries to adjust the restriction in payment of salaries and allocation and the outstanding should be paid”

But, Oba said” “The strike continue because no specific information was given to us on when the salaries will be paid and the doctor have been lending money to cope with the economy crises they find themselves We never wanted to go on strike, but we have been praying that things would be resolved before it got this worse. We have tried all ways of engagement to ensure that salaries are paid but till now, it has yielded no good result.”

“Over two weeks ago, we gave a onditionyo luth management and Federal government which elapse on Wednesday, following the condition, the congress of luth took a decision to go on an indefinite strick which begin last Thursday.

The president said the budget of luth was cut short of about N3 billion from what they use to pay them as salaries for the Doctors.
Oba added that his members were has written a letter to the ministry of finacise but no good fruit has been given to them.


The resident doctors are the defence for consultants because we are in training and it is expected that the training we have been given should transfer to the patients

. So, if we are not working, the consultants alone cannot see the patients in LUTH because of the massive inflow of patients into the hospital.


“This strike is going to have effect on Nigerians and it is sad and unfortunate that we have to be doing this. This also shows that there is a lot of insensitivity on the part of government


He, therefore, called on the Federal Government, through the LUTH management, to come to their aid.
One of the doctors, said life has not been easy for him due to non payment of their salaries

“In a country like Nigeria, even the salary paid is not enough for the expenses. How does Federal Government expect us to survive without being paid. Since we are not living on a free basis we have to pay for different fee e.g transport, buying of good feeding the family, I have borrowed money from several people and there is no body anymore for me to borrow from.”

It is not good enough that doctors are being owned salary and I hope the Federal Government will do something quick to solve this current problem so that the health sector as well as Nigerians as a whole do not suffer any lost or death”
We hope that the federal government would hear our call and come to our aid

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