Otto-Awori Crisis: How an agbero threatened a whole community in Lagos and got away with it

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Abideen Muhammed

The community of Otto-Awori, Ojo witnessed the state of disharmony on March 7, 2019, at about 1 PM which is reported to have been caused by the All Progressive Congress (APC), House of Assembly Ojo constituency 2 candidate, Surajudeen Tijani popularly known as Emir and his godfather Sulaimon Ayemojuba popularly known as JAFO. However, findings revealed that the crisis had begun since last year, that is, the case of Hon. Bolaji Kayode Robert, BIBIIRE stolen mandate.

You will recall that the people of Oto Awori and its environs under the auspice of BIBIIRE Volunteers on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, took to the streets rejecting the inclusion of Mr Surajudeen Tijani, aka EMIR, who came second at the poll, as the winner of the primary election for Ojo constituency 2.

The protest follows an argument that the Primary election of the APC held on Friday, 5th October 2018 for House of Assembly, OJO constituency 2 is full of irregularities, assaults and a stolen mandate.

The irregularities and assaults recorded at the APC primary election for Ojo constituency 2 were believed to have been led by the Chairman of Okada and Motorcycle Riders Association (NNAMORAL), Alhaji Sulaimon Raji Adeshina aka JAFO. From here and the claim of protesters, one can conclude that the Primary election is a crisis-ridden exercise orchestrated by JAFO thugs.

It was this incident that led to the tagging of Emir as tout and JAFO as the godfather of Emir.

Also, Emir and his supporters have been reported to have met the African Democracy Congress (ADC) candidate for Ojo constituency 2, Bashiru Taiwo to step down which he refused. According to a reliable source, Taiwo’s refusal also led to the attack recorded on March 7, 2019. Interestingly, Emir and Taiwo live very close to each other.


It all started like World War II on the 7th March 2019 when JAFO reportedly led thugs to Oto-Awori town to wreak havoc around 1 pm just two days before the House of Assembly general election.

According to Obanla Yusuf Ilesanmi, PRO, Oto-Awori Youth Forum, JAFO led a group of thugs came with full arm and destroyed houses, cars and also carted away with sewing and tricycles (Okada) machines, foodstuff and other valuables belonging to both indigene and non-indigene residents of the town.

Policemen finally arrived late at the scene aftervery long hourss when the hoodlums have already done a lot of damages to the people and material things in the town after receiving several (police men) calls from the people of the community.

However, the community people and leaders pleaded to the All people’s Congress national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and all security agencies to seriously look into the issue as lawlessness acts has been the call of the day by Emir and his godfather JAFO in Oto-Awori and its residents for some time now with the most recent shenanigans coming on October 5th 2018 during the House of Assembly Ojo constituency 2 primary election between Surajudeen Tajudeen a.k.a Emir and Hon. Kayode Robert Da-Silva a.k.a Bibiire where Bibire’s supporters were beaten black and blue during the primary election exercise.

The scenes which took the campaign mission form recorded a lot of atrocities. The atrocities includes but not limited to the stealing of residents’ property, destruction of oppositions’ identity, beaten up of residents both young and old, use of charm and omen and blockage of the road.

Those who sustained injuries during the crises are presently receiving treatment. Higher Institutions students in the community also suffered the incident.


The adverse effects of the crisis can be captured under the following headings:

1. Political apathy will increase due to fear.
2. APC may lose in OJO constituency 2 due to the crises perpetrated in Emir’s name.
3. Increase in poverty as a lot of market places where destroyed and people’s property were stolen.

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