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The community of Kemberi, Okokomaiko,Ojo Local Government /Iba LCDA along with the  Socialist Party of Nigeria, Ojo Local Government Chapter  held a peaceful protest against the estimated billing system of the Eko Electricity Distributing Company(EKEDC) on Thursday, 16th of August, 2018.

The billing system which was describe as ” electricity crazy billing that is too outrageous to force down cap on ones head” was said to have caused more harm to the people of the community than good.

SPN also use this medium to show up thier grivances to the government on the epileptic power supply which has been occuring in the country.

The group in collaboration with the Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity(CARE) state out thier demand which is in line with the people of KEMBERI, okokomaiko :

1. N more estimate billing

2. No prepaid metres, No payment exceeding N2, 000 per house monthly.

3. No more illegal disconnection on arrears bills.

4. No light, No payment, no disconnection

5. There should be a disconnection notice of 90 days as slated in NERC consumers right.

6. Installed MD statistry meter should be on flat rate not manipulation by EKEDC.

7. No more Police /Military molestation in all community.

8. All consumers have a right to transparent electricity billing.


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