MURIC declares 2019 as the year of Hijab rights in Nigeria

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Rizqoh Murtadho and Nabilah Abdul Gafar

The Muslim Rights Concern(MURIC), under the leadership of Pro. Ishaq Akintola, held a press conference today,1st February, on hijab crisis in accordance with The World Hijab Day.

Under the aegis of MURIC, Prof. Ishaq Akintola delivered a speech during the conference, he said Muslims have to change their docile mentality, know their Rights, and stand upright to fight for their rights in a peaceful way and not violent.

The organization seized the opportunity to appeal to Muslims in all states in Yorubaland to organize themselves for peaceful resistance.

He said, “Every Muslims must know his Allah-given fundamental human rights. Nobody can take these civil liberties from you. Speak out against oppression. Protect yourself, your wife your mother and your daughter from persecution. Unless you do this, our oppressors will soon be removing hijab from their heads inside commercial vehicles, on the street and in other public places. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

He reiterated that the problem of hijab in south-west is not the government nor CAN but Muslims themselves, their inability to stand for their rights and MURIC is determined to change the “Al-majiri mentality, E fi won si le (leave them alone) mentality” which is a docile mindset of the Yoruba Muslims.” We must become an active and enlightened set of people. Every Yoruba Muslim must be involved “

Also speaking with one of our correspondents was a concerned Muslim Mr Aleem, the father of one of the hijab victims in Abeokuta Ogun State; Aisha Abdul Aleem.

Mr Abdul Aleem narrated how he had continuously conversed with the principal, zonal education officer and the Commissioner of Education to avoid victimizing his daughter and other concerned students on a hijab before he finally sued them to court.

Notable personnel present at the conference includes; The Chairman, LASU Muslim Community, Professor Jamiu Oluwatoki, The chief Imam of LASU, Professor Moshood Taiwo Salish and many more.

At the end of the speech delivered by Prof. Akintola of MURIC declares 2019 as The Year of Hijab Rights in Nigeria.

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