Muhammad Morsi: How the west wasted lion of the world

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By Abu Mazeedatulkhayr ibn Sa’eed

Muhammad Morsi is dead, that’s no news. It’s not also news that he had died in the fetters of false allegations and oppressive shackles of the pharaonic Egypt. Indeed, the newest martyr in town wouldn’t have expected to walk out of those multiple chains as a free man.

If he had been released before his death, I would have assumed erroneously that Sisi is human. But the man is a brute, a wicked soul. Poverty turns the leader of an hungry nation to a mere puppet in the hands of both Israel and the Saudi royals.

Woe unto the poverty stricken cowards who could only roar but could not kill like hungry lions. Sayyid Qutb had said: “ملة الكفر ملة واحدة” – “The path of kufr is always the same”. The same way, the same manner, the same method the cowards employ in covert operation.

The prisoners of conscience, in third world countries, are brought to the public and then “slaughtered” so that the gullible public could assume that the state is pure of the filth of murder. We’ve seen it happen in Nigeria of the 90s and Egypt of this Sisi era.

Tyrannical powers in the intelligence school of America and Israel dont just kill their imprisoned victims in a state of solitary confinement so that the victims’ popularity wouldn’t provoke public rage. They would rather bring them to the open and execute the invisible plot.

They reportedly poisoned Nigeria’s MKO Abiola at the negotiation/tea table with some American delegations, which included Susan Rice. This is despite the fact that he had been kept in a poor health condition for a long period in solitary confinement.

In a similar approach of the operation this week, they murdered Morsi in the court room with the same Jewish intelligence abracadabra – The more you look, the less you see in a conspiratorial drama. Someday, in future, an accomplice will tell us how it actually happened!

Diplomatic intelligence, what a cowardly poor idea of murder!

After murdering the hero of dawah, you invited only his wife and children for the Janaazah in the same way and manner that your wretched ancestor, King Al-Faruk of the 40s, had shamelessly done to the martyred master, Imam Hassan Al-Bannah, may Allah be pleased with him.

When the tyrants had killed the martyred master in the street of Cairo, they permitted only his aged father and his two year old, Ahmad Saif ul Islaam Al-Bannah, to observe the Janaazah prayer over his honored corpse.

Thus, the public was deprived the benefits of praying over the blessed corpse of Hassan Al-Bannah, just as Sisi has done to the body of Morsi. As you can see all around you, even in death they hate your corpse as they hate to hear that you are still alive!

But today, where’s Al-Faruk, the king of Egypt, the royal assassin of Al-Bannah? Where is Jamal Abdal Nasir, the republican tyrant, who hanged Qutb, Al-Aoda and other brothers? Where’s Hosni Mubarak in whose prison Kamaal Sananairiy, the husband of Aminah Qutb, was tortured to death?

Indeed, both the murderer and the murdered have all vacated the sandy earth – What remains is the judgment of Allah. Is Allah not the best of judges?

When the bullet is fired, it could only kill its human target. The tyrant cannot eat the flesh of his shot victim. Thus, the bullet is wasted. Even though the blood is shed, but the bullet is gone. Consequently, the innocent blood is victorious over the wasted bullet of the wicked!

The Muslim world is now a drama riddled by conflicts. The stage is occupied by different characters – the Ikhwaani, the Salafi clerics, the Iranian Shites, the Saudi royals and the gullible onlookers; both heroes and villian – and soon, the denouement shall set in – it’s a resolution of the conflict and we shall all behold the truth!

But the Egyptians know the truth. The Saudi populace know the truth. The Indo-Pakistanis know the truth. The Malaysians know the truth. The Turkish know the truth. All the Arabs know the truth. Even the Western world knows the truth. We also know the truth.

The truth must however not be proclaimed. We should rather keep whispering the truth in the nook of our conscience for the fear of death! But unlike the cowards in us, Morsi and his brothers could not hold back the truth; and thus, they have started dying for proclaiming it and standing by it!

Morsi and his brothers belonged to an organisation feared by the kufr world and loathed by the harbingers of hypocrisy in the Muslim world. Going through his curriculum vitae gives a hint on why the West is hardly comfortable with an organisation that parades such a mind.

Like other members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Morsi had memorised the holy Quran early in life, as he simultaneously pursued his studies to a Masters degree level in metallurgical engineering in 1978.

With his exceptional brilliance, “he earned the Egyptian government scholarship that enabled him study in the United States. He then received a PhD in materials science from the University of Southern California in 1982 with his dissertation on aluminium oxide, “High-Temperature Electrical Conductivity and Defect Structure of Donor-Doped Al2O3”.

“While living in the United States, Morsi became an assistant professor at California State University, Northridge from 1982 to 1985 and thereby became an expert in precision metal surfaces. He also worked with NASA in the early 1980s, helping to develop the Space Shuttle engines.

But in 1985, he quited his job at CSUN and returned to Egypt, becoming a professor at Zagazig University, where he was appointed head of the engineering department. Morsi was a lecturer at Zagazig University’s engineering department until 2010,” when the jama’ah needed his attention for the nation.

That’s the lion of the Ummah wasted by Sisi, the Saudi royals and the West. His death was also celebrated here by the boys who need our prayers like no other. You hate Morsi and his brothers – You’ve been made to hate Muslims who did not offend you, but for the only fact that they stand for Islam.

If you didn’t partake in killing them, you celebrated their death; and thus, you would have killed them if you had the chance. When the dogs of our enemies are eventually let loose, I pray and hope that it wouldn’t be worse, now that we have killed our lions!

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