Motorists clash with policemen in Iba New site over extortion

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There was pandemonium everywhere in Iba New site this morning, Tuesday, November 27 as motorists clashed with policemen from Isashi Divisional Police Station over extortion.

Extortion of motorists by men of the Nigerian police force is a consistent practice along Aratunmi in Iba LCDA. According to one of the motorists who doesn’t want to be named, they are made to face two checkpoints every morning and evening.

“Every morning and evening, we are made to pay at two checkpoints – Olaiya bus-stop and a spot close to the bridge, along Aratunmi road, “ he said.

“Each trip cost small motorists – N200, and Okada – N100. This is too much for us and it must stop.”

As at 6:20 am on Tuesday, the policemen are already stationed at Odion Bus Stop along Aratunmi- Anibaba for the same practice. However, motorists refused which led to serious crisis and passengers are made to trek to their destinations.

Isashi police station has drafted their men in to calm the situation.

The residents and motorists are asking when this arbitrary acts and brutality of the men of Isashi Police station will end.

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