LASU students union hold 29th election

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eletu suliyat and Muritala Risikat.

Lagos state university students Union, LASUSU holds 2018/2019 election today, February 27th,2019 at Ojo main campus.

It is no longer a news in Lagos state university that election would hold on 27th February, 2019.

The election in the university has been an E- voting since 2012 and it was said to have been an easy one until 2017/18 and 2018/2019 election has turned to a “Market Place”.


Prior to the 2017/2018 LASUSU election it was based on e-voting (Electronic voting) the students waited for 5 hours before it was postponed to the next day, the failure of this led to the students protesting against e – voting (electronic voting), after the protest the Management and students agreed to go back to their archaic method of Paper ballot which is contrary to e- voting before the 2017/2018 election was peaceful in a serene environment.

2018/2019 election with the method of E- voting has led to several complaint from the aspirant into different position and the students (voters).

According to one of the core aspirant contesting for LASUSU 29th,President Nurudeen Yusuf (Omomewa) Faculty of Education and Faculty of Art were unable to vote because of the service.

The aspirant for LASUSU Treasure, Solar said two faculties were unable to vote which include Faculty of Art and Education only School of communication, School of Transport and Faculty of science were able to vote today.

One of the students complained that, The electronic voting is not good as it is not easy for them.

Another added that, ” The E- voting is stressful as it takes time to generate but it’s a nice idea and an innovation by voting online and after voting a message is sent to mail to confirm your vote”.

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