Kuwait: We will never sell Palestinian cause

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 Kuwait: We will never sell Palestinian cause

Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed in a recent press statement its main reason for not participating in the Manama workshop.

“Our decision came in harmony with our constant stand for the Palestinian cause and in response to the statement of the Nation Council that previously announced that Kuwait will not join the scheduled workshop.”Deputy of Kuwaiti Minister, Khaled al-Jar Allah, stated in his statement.

Al-Jar Allah said, “the country’s firm pro-Palestinian position clearly supports the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinians.”

He pointed out that the Palestinian cause is the main and the foremost cause for the Arab World and refusing the normalization with Israel is one of the Kuwaiti constants.

The statement called on the countries that are concerned about the future of peace in the Middle East to take into their consideration the international and legitimate resolutions and the Arab peace initiatives that are based on the two-state solution and that fulfill the Palestinians’ interests.

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