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BY AGBABIAKA Yetunde Fatimah
Defining the keywords in bits, Juvenline, connected to young people who are not yet adults. It can also be the characteristics of youth or maturity while Delinquency means misconduct or criminal offense. Moral, so, is an act conforming to a standard of right of behavior sanctioned by an operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgment or strictness. Finally, Mass dropout of secondary school students is the high rate at which secondary school students leave schools without completing or concluding their studies. Looking into this topic, you will agree with me that two of the variables in the topic are causes of the last one. it is obvious that moral laxity and juvenile delinquency are outcome or results of high rate of dropouts in secondary schools. Facing the reality, you and I would agree that there are lots of children out there who are dropouts as a result of either rusticated from school for an offense or had left school themselves as a result of not been able to concentrate on their studies again due to some side attractions. In our society today, we hear of different groups of young children who could have educated and become leaders in future. They come together for the promotion of their mutual interest which is inflicting pains on people and putting sadness in some homes leaving without shattered hopes. We have heard of the AWAWA group and the ONYABO group in Agege, the BADOO in Ikorodu, “Black panters”, “Red panters”, “Black braziers” and the one million boys groups. These groups are full of young and vibrant young individuals, Yes! vibrant individuals. I call them vibrant individuals because they’ve got ideas that are worth millions. Idea and strategies that could help in developing a nation. Alas! they are being used only to plan on disrupting people’s joy and crash various homes and also take away people’s properties . For the little I have heard and known of the AWAWA and ONYABO groups, no one dares to wait while they are coming. A friend of mine came in contact with them sometimes ago, they collected his valuables without him uttering a word. From his word, they are children of less than 17 years of age and armed. They commit different atrocities. They are the one who would enter people’s shop in multitudes and take their belongings. Now, let’s sit back and think, What do you think could have been the cause of these groups or better still, these individuals falling into this kind of groups? You will agree with me that it’s from the home. Yes! the home. An adage says”Charity begins at home”. it’s not until the parents put guns, knives or other ammunition in the palm of their children before we know they are capable of sending their children to the outside world. on several occasions, I have asked myself if some people are parents. I see parents who bath their children with curse in the morning. They hit them with the slightest mistakes. These children grow up to become aggressive and merciless. They don’t care how anyone feels, they don’t even care about the pains those that they are attacking feels so far they have gotten what they want. They have learned to become wild. To be continued…

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