Islamic Institute of Sharia and Civilization studies Iba, celebrates seven of her students

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The Islamic Institute for sharia and civilization studies celebrates the waleematul Qur’aniyyah and sha’adatil Hidaadiyyah of seven of her students.

The Islamic institute of sharia and civilization studies, Iba celebrates seven of her intelligent young lads  after been found competent and fluent in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an at the Oniyangi praying ground, Iba new site.

The Institute as at yesterday, the second day of December,  graduates seven of her students after been tested and seen as perfect and qualified in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an with the proper usage of the rules of tajweed (beautification). The seven students are very vibrant and young scholars between the ages of nine and thirteen.

Graduands while getting ready to recite.

The Host of the programme, Fadhilatul Sheikh Alhaji Daud Miqdad Akewuyanju recited the two surah of graduation (Fat’ha and Baqarah) to the seven students after which the students recited individually. Parents, families and friends shouted in excitement as the graduands successfully recited the Qur’an.

The event was fully graced by families and friends of the graduands and their Asaatidh (teachers).  It was indeed  a memorable day for the graduands.

The Institute has been noted for graduating students twice a year severally which is one of the qualities (celebration of success) that can be found in any institution that is doing what is expected of her.

The Islamic  Institute of Sharia and civilization studies is situated at number 10, Akinwale Akintayo street, Last bus stop, Iba new site, Iba, Lagos State.

Indeed, teachers are great people doing great and fantastic job.

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