IG’s new order on FSARS is a bad omen for Nigerians, says #EndSARS convener

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The Convener of #EndSARS and #ReformPoliceNG campaign, Mr Segun Awosanya has said the news of disbandment of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) and its subsequent placement under the control of the state commissioner of police is taking Nigerians back to dark days.

Awosanya further stated in a Twitter thread that this action will bring back some of the worst experience Nigerians had with the police unit. More so, taking this action is also considered not appropriate due to the upcoming elections.

Some Nigerians that are familiar with this time also shared a similar concern about how effective the state commissioner of police will is able to manage this unit.

Concerns about using this special police for dirty works of the politicians were also raised, but the force headquarters is yet to explain how the new structure will work.

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