How to excel academically in AOCOED

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Abideen Muhammed

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education is a teaching institution par excellence. It won’t trade academics grading with anything. The best way to excel academically is to follow some procedures and get yourself informed about those procedures. 

The grading system for our academics affairs in the college is quite different from polytechnic and University though it has similarities. In our secondary School, 50 in Mathematics and English is the hallmark for passing a subject and promotion. In the college, 40 is the pass mark. Whoever has 39 or below will carry over the course. The grading is as follows: 41 – 44 is E, 45 – 49 is D, 50 – 60 is C, 60 – 70 is B while 70 – 100 is A.

You will notice that the letter of grading is from E to A in reverse order. Anyone who wants to have a good grade must not have anything less than B at least in the first semester. If there will be C, then it should be very few and in general courses. In the university, the pass mark is 45 (following the new regulations by the government).

In the college, you are expected to have 40 as continuous assessment while 60 in the examination. The same way it is in our Secondary School. The continuous assessment cut across assignment, test, attendance, research and obedience in the class. In some courses, the exam is 40 while the test is 60.

In primary/secondary school, students are graded according to the position like first or second but in higher institutions, there is nothing like that but we have rating scale. We know those that are well more than we do and those you are their boss. Here we use GP(Grade Point) or you call it CGPA.

The rating scale here as I have said is GP. The highest GP you can get in AOCOED is 5.0 GP. As for certificate or your position according to your GP, it is quite different from that of the university. In the university, we have First Class, second class upper, second class lower, third class, pass and fail. In the college, it is Distinction, Credit, merit, pass and fails.

The consequence of graduating with a pass or fail is that you can’t continue with your education with NCE. How do I mean? Normally, after NCE, you can do Direct Entry to any University of your choice, you will be placed in 200 level but if graduated with a pass or fail, as a grade, you can’t have that grace. It is called TERMINAL NCE. So, plan and work for a worthy result.

However, we have some tips you can employ to excel academically in the college. You must understand the environment you are right now and the requirements of your department. All these things will be outlined in the last part of this piece.

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