How pineapple peels can boost productivity in the last few days of Ramadan

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Nabilah AbdulGafar

Many beautiful souls are used to wasting pineapple peels at dawn. Little do they know that it is a great remedy to aiding and stimulating their immune system which will help in generating more acts of ibadah.

The last ten days have started yet you still battle with different health challenges. To awaken the spirit of spirituality in you, here are six useful functions that that pineapple peels you waste can cure to help you earn more reward within the few days left.

1) Heals bleeding from the nose. Some gentle souls due to fatigue or stress experience frequent bleeding from the nose which would hinder them from having a longer sujud. Dear brethren simply boil pineapple peels and drink a cupful at sahur and iftar.

2) Boiled pineapple peels are waist pain remedy. It cures every joint pain felt in the body including inflammatory pains.

3) You are an upright Muslim who has been striving to earn Allah’s favor right from Shaban, now Ramadan is moving to an end and you feel weak day by day. Dear friend drinks cooked pineapple peels and overcome weakness as it boosts energy and increases blood circulation since Jannah is meant for you.

4) Consumed boiled pineapple peels helps to fight against diseases causing microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and many more. Your consumption would help boost your immune system.

5) Brethren, you might be amazed it as well cures diabetes. You consuming it and being prayerful might be a turning point from being healed from diabetes.

In all, this peels helps in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels as it contains fiber, calcium oxalate, bromelain enzyme, pectic substantial and Cellulose.

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