Hijab: A legislation from God ‘ Aminat Jumah

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Habeebah Mustapha and Nabilah AbdulGafar

Still on World Hijab Day

Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women) organization, today 3rd, February 2019, held a peaceful walk over the Ojo environs on the awareness of the hijab.

The organization in the lead of Hajia Aminat Jumah (Umu Jafar), enlightened Ojo environs; the old, young, muslims and non-muslims about the necessity to wear the hijab.

Speaking on the awareness with our correspondent, Hajia Aminat reveals that the hijab restriction as regards public schools in Badagry is quite unusual.

She emphasized that the problem of the hijab is particular to parents as they do not educate their children on the importance of wearing the hijab.

Citing various encounters she had had with school students, Umu Jafar enlightened the muslim ummah about it importance and gave glad tidings about the great reward that awaits in eternity.

“The hijab is the dress that covers whatever might arouse instincts”

Its most important advantages aside from the fact that it raises a woman to a special social status, is the security of the society that clears it from crimes, rape, incest, harassment in daily life, and many more.”

“The legislation of hijab has it proof from the holy Qur’an, and thus, more reward awaits its users from Allah.”

The celebration was to create awareness and not a form of bid’ah moreover it is not practiced by killing of ram nor any mammals or a form of violence.

Azeeah Olatunde; one of the participants said: “Today is a day set aside to quimrate muslimahs to understand the use of hijab and to be steadfast on the part.”

Maryarm Davis said “hijab should be repected because it is the injuction of Allah as He said in the holy Qur’an that all muslim women should cover their head up to toe and to display their adornment only to their mahram

Haijah Nuroh Muhammad-Awwal, representing the Unit Ameerah Lagos State Area Unit, addresses the audience saying “hijab is not oppression, it is expulsion from harassment and other vices, it is freedom from disrespect.”

She concluded by advising the audience saying “let us all abide by the law and be a role model for others, supporting the government in fighting against corruption, shun electoral violence and other social vices to a standstill.”

Present dignitaries were representatives of different Islamic organisations in the community, Al–Mu’minat’s umarah (female heads) from Festac, Badagry, Ojo, Aocoed, amongst others.

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