First impression last longer,irony of being a lasuite

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Risqoh Murtadho

Using myself as a case study,it all started during the time as a secondary school leaver, an admission seeker

“Whenever you wants  to chose your school of choice, make sure to consider proximity” those were my brother’s words as a predecessor.

Proximity?! Never in my dico,since I was determined to feel the atmosphere of other states.

Zaria! Was what came to mind as a choice, of coz it’s a nice choice but,needed an explanation to know if it would be real.

Soliloquize, “will i be able to come home asap whenever I long to?who wants to come home early before?”was my response to figments question

Hmm…maybe Unilorin will be better at least its still close, oh yes! that is it, agreed,signed and sealed!(funny isn’t it?)my  conclusion on another school of choice.

I wanted to evacuate this state that I have been living within its sphere since birth(I don’t even know most places within the circle I have been living in spending whole age).

Those were my thoughts as a secondary school leaver and an admission seeker.

LASU(Lagos state university)just out of league,UNILAG(University of Lagos), no where to be found in my reasoning,Polytechnics and Colleges never existed in my world.

How come I am one of the ” world class students “(in VC’s voice)of ” world class school” when the mentioned of it name once made me choked on my spit!

My perception about LASU had it basis from viral information, when it was known for its insecurities as a major challenge.

LASU was on shambles then,I could remember vividly, when the news on the death of a popular  Nigerian hip pop artist,Damoshe,who was killed at the entrance of Badagry gate by members of secret cult got to me, I made a mental note to put LASU in my black list.

Of it all,school fees was increased with no reason.

After several persuasions with reasons from siblings and teachers, I chose it as first choice and I was admitted after screening,of cause not until I heard it peaceful state.

How I love being a Lasuite and proud of my school and it slogan.

First impression they say last longer,my past sight of LASU,irony of being a Lasuite, my present view of LASU.

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