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The certainty of loss of property is obvious as fate beholds the neighborhood as regards loss of lives at the ongoing fire incidence at Olokodana street.

The three storey building inhabited by a well known barrister in the community called sunshine house is reported to have caught fire as a result of the careless attitude of a co-tenant. The tenant was said to have been preparing meal for the family when the kitchen electric socket exploded which simultaneously attracted the gas cooker.

According to an eye witness, the incident started at about 9pm on Wednesday night, 8th of August, 2018.

Aiyepe being a popular market in Okoko and a central place in the town,
according to report, about 300 people were reported to have come out for rescue of the concerned beings before the emergence of fire fighters since the street is directly opposite to the central popular Aiyepe market at Okoko.

Unfortunately, the fire service was reported to have run short of water at about few minutes of arrival but which was alongside replaced after much directories.

Currently, no casualities recorded but for an indispensable properties were lost in the scene.

The fire is at present extinguished after about 2 hours 35 minutes.The last floor was the only floor affected by the fire.

Okoko, PPL
Ojo medialine

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