Ex-Sunshine Stars coach Henry Abiodun becomes FCAAN director

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Habeeb Akorede

The Football Coaches Association of Africa Nations (FCAAN) have appointed Henry Abiodun as its director of coaching education.

FCAAN is a nongovernmental organisation of African coaches that houses over 45000 members across the globe.

According to Goal.com, FCAAN had made it known that Abiodun will be in charge of developing the coaching curricula and instruction of its coaching courses across Africa.

“Basically, my role is to help create coaching curricula as well as being FCAAN instructional staff,” Abiodun said.

“My goal is not different from that of FCAAN, which is to recruit, train and license young football coaches in Nigeria and beyond. Like they say in America, “good coaches produce good players.

“This benefits African coaches by keeping them abreast of the new developments and best practices in the coaching world. It also allows African coaches to collaborate with foreign counterparts at a low cost.

“Also it helps in the area of exposure for young football coaches in Africa.”

Abiodun who ended a six-year union with Ondo State Football Agency and Sunshine Stars last October has a CAF A License, NSCAA Premier Diploma in America among other licenses and certificates, and is determined to help fortify the production line of coaches in Africa.

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