Eight reasons to buy Ofada brown rice from Marqtrust Entrerprises

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Ofada rice is one of the most nutritious rice you can ever eat. You can always have issue buying quality ofada rice. Marqtrust Enterprises brings to you quality rice, the queen of all rice, Ofada rice.

Ofada rice has several advantages. To buy original ofada rice you need to consider some of the following reasons.

Reasons to buy Ofada brown rice

Not bleached:

Our Ofada rice is not bleached. Unlike all other fake ofada rice you come across, you will experience uniqueness in ofada rice from Marqtrust Entrerprises.

Nutrient retentive and tasteful:

After cooking our ofada rice, you will realise that the nutrient of the rice does not wash away. The nutrient is retained and you will not only enjoy the amazing taste of the ofada rice but also the nutrient it will add to your body.

Rich in Fibre:

Does go far to get that richness in fibre from your food. Get Ofada brown rice from Marqtrust Enterprises today.

Easy to cook:

It doesn’t take years for our ofada rice to get done. You will experience convenience while cooking ofada brown rice from our store.

Suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians:

Have you ever how to cook same food for everyone. Yes, ofada rice is your best choice, it will go well for both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Suitable for diabetic patients:

You still want to cater for diabetic patients around. Yes, with ofada brown rice, diabetic patients have no problem. Ofada brown rice is your best choice.

Low in Calories:

Ofada brown rice is very low in calories and it is good for your health.

Stone and sand free:

Have you been looking for ofada rice that will be sand free? You can’t believe it. Our Ofada brown rice is stone free and sand free.

Where to eat Ofada brown Rice

Eat Ofada rice at Homes:

You can eat ofada brown rice at home. Cook it for your family and you will all enjoy the meal.

Ofada rice at Restaurants:

Do you run a restaurants and you want your customers to be 100% loyal. Give them taste of ofada brown rice. Ofada brown rice can be cook for sale in restaurants.

Office Ofada Rice:

Even in the office, you can eat ofada brown rice. Ofada brown rice can be use at official gathering.

Ofada rice for School launches:

When your give your student ofada brown rice in school, you will see the energy and vibrancy in them.

Ofada rice at Events:

Irrespective of the event you are organizing, you will find ofada brown rice a good meal for your audience.

Where to Buy Ofada Brown Rice in Nigeria

To buy Ofada brown rice in Nigeria, you don’t need to go far. Contact Marqtrust Enterprises. You can also call them on +2347014119680

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