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AGBABIAKA Fatimoh Yetunde

Domestic violence according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary is the act of inflicting physical injury by one family or household on another. It can also be said to be the repetition of the behavior in the above definition. Education, on the other hand, is the act or process of passing or transferring knowledge to someone especially in a school, college or university. It can also be defined as the knowledge, skill, and understanding acquired as a result of attending a school, college or university.

Domestic violence can either be physical, sexual, emotional or even financial. But in recent times, sexual abuse has been the order of the day. Between 2017 and 2018, there has been series of reports on the issue of rape. A few weeks back, at a symposium, the Assistant Commissioner of Police shared the story of rape by a 50-year old man with a 6 months old baby girl. It is indeed a disheartening story because, the child gave up the ghost after suffering series of injuries in the private part as a result of the rape.

Taking this little girl as a case study, she could have been amongst the world best professionals in the nearest future but her life has been put to an end all because of an old man evil’s perpetration and uncontrollable desire.

Many of these evil perpetrators are not usually remorseful for their acts rather they still put blames on the victim.

What good would you expect to find in the hands of a child whose mother was killed right in his presence by his father? Such a child would only grow up to see the world as a violent environment where killing is nothing.

Another instance is that of a child being given inhuman treatment because he did something wrong.

Many children have gotten inferiority complex due to the way they are being treated by their own parent. All these are domestic violence which has adverse effects on the child.

A child who has been abused and still manages to go to school might end up failing woefully due to his/her psychology imbalance caused by domestic violence.

Domestic violence could also lead to High drop out of school since they are unable to cope with their mates.

Lesbianism is also a great abuse that has now become rampant in our society. I was opportune to have a chat with a senior secondary school student who was seeking my advice on how to help a friend of hers who has been abused by her elder sister’s friend. The girl is now addicted to this act that if her urge comes while in school, she uses anyone around her to satisfy her desire. Do you know what that means? She is indirectly instilling that in other people and that is how the chain would continue until it becomes a culture especially in schools that are of the feminine sex only.

These are the things that hinder the growth of a country because the educational sector is indeed a very important sector in the economy of any Nation. The success of this sector would definitely lead to the success and great development of the nation because it is the only sector that breeds leaders. In the same vein, its failure might also lead to the failure of the nation as a whole.

On this note, I think it is high time the government implements the law lay down against domestic violence and enlighten parents about it.


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    Honestly the writer made my day with this piece. I concur with you 100%. We need more of this kind of write up and it worths special campaign and awareness in the society

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