Crisis in Nigerian parliament over 2019 budget

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Nigeria’s National Assembly was turned into a boxing stage as President Muhammadu Buhari prepares to submit the 2019 budget to a session of both houses.

Several lawmakers were reported chorusing a protest song, ‘Freedom comes by struggle, by struggle; freedom come’ while some engaged in a hot argument and physical exchange of blows.
Two members of the House of Representatives, Mr Bashir Babale and Duoye Diri, had physical combat. Senator Akpabio and Senator Samuel Ayanwu were also seen engaging in heated argument.

The genesis of the problem

Trouble started when some lawmakers brought out placards and others tore them. They were, however, calmed.
The protesters continued with the song as President Muhammadu Buhari stepped into the chamber, while APC lawmakers hailed the President, ‘Sai Baba!’
The National Anthem stopped both sides temporarily.
President is currently addressing both houses on the 2019 appropriation bill.

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