Beauties of Thirty Versed

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They said it was forged
And inked by illiterate
Do they not learn from the people of the past?
They demanded it and it was incurred.

Do they still think His promises are false?
They refused to yield His words
Do they not fear the sentence?
‘Day,none will punish as He will punish’

For every rewards,
There was clear warning ahead
If those that witnessed His wrath were to be alive,they would be living testimonies
Unfortunately, none ever received His wrath and still lives but history is always there for us to learn.

The reward for the acceptance of words of the scripture is blissful crib
While it denial is austere crib

A day will come,there will be undeniable truth
For the denial of truth will swim in pool of regrets and dance

To the tune of sorrow
They shall plead their creator
Will it not be too late to rectify?


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