Lagos-Badagry expressway: First priority of residents on daily basis

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Murtadho Rizqoh

Is Lagos-Badagry expressway still part of Lagos state? Sometimes I wonder, do Lagos state government still recognise the construction of Lagos-Badagry road as part of their project?

Is it not bizarre that the most busy and important international road in Lagos – Lagos-Badagry expressway, is known for its unavoidable traffic due to bad condition of the road. No matter how earlier you chose to wake up in order to beat the traffic, you will always encounter some gridlock along the road.

For residents living within areas covered by this road, patience is getting to the rim of the glass. For them, the road traffic and lost of man-hour in it are major challenges to overcome before getting to their destinations.

Most time, the heavy traffic jeopardized their imagined scale of preference. Daily plan of 10 hours is extended to 18 hours for no good reason. A journey between Mile 2 and Iyana-Iba that should take less 30 minutes will end up taking 3 hours and this is equivalent to a journey from Lagos to Ibadan.

Trucks rolled out like carpet on the half-completed, did I say half? Maybe quarterly completed, leaving a narrow way for other vehicles to take. And as a result of impatient behaviour of most Lagos drivers, everywhere is made chaotic.

For the record, this road has been under construction since 2010 during the administartion Mr Babatunde Fashola – current Nigeria’s Minister for Power, Works and Housing, and less than 50% of the construction has been achieved. The approach adopted by construction company – China Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC), can be adjugded poor, and contributing to making the traffic condition on the road worst.

Then I wonder, is it that Lagos-Badagry expressway is not part of Lagos? Maybe they just decided to turn blind eyes to our plight?

Rizqoh is a Mass Communication student at the Lagos State University, Ojo.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t represent the editorial view of Ojo Medialine. All opinions and views expressed in it are that of the author.

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