#Araromi hijab crisis update: School finally allows Muslim students to wear hijab

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The principal of Araromi Senior Secondary School, Mr Adeniji Oduntan, has directed all Muslim students willing to use hijab to commence usage henceforth.

This announcement was the outcome of rounds of meetings between the principal, vice principals and teachers of the school in response to hijab crisis earlier reported today.

Mr Adeniji, however, stated that the LASG circular is yet to get to the school but the students are allowed to hijab if they wish so.

He appealed for peace and warned the teachers not to take laws into their hands by intimidating the students to remove their hijab.

Resistance from the VP and three teachers involved in the hijab crisis

According to sources close to the school, the VP (Admin) and the three teachers involved in the crisis moved to resist resolution of the school.

More so, Mrs Adeosun (Chemistry) and Mrs Azeez (Office practice teacher) were also cited as one of those making efforts to deprive the Muslim students of their basic rights.

Later in the day,  VP (Academics) – Mrs.Adeoti summoned all students in hijab and requested they should send delegates to the principal tomorrow, Thursday, November 22. According to her, this meeting is to determine the nature of d hijab and they should start wearing it from next week Monday.


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