AOCOED: How to check your results online and calculate your grade point

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Abideen Muhammed

It is no more a news that Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) under the leadership of Dr. Ladele O. Aina had moved away from manual method of processing students’ results. AOCOED students can now check their results online especially those in part two and three.

In order to check your results online you are to follow the itemised ways below:

1. Open your phone’s Chrome or Browser. Don’t use Opera Mini, it doesn’t work perfectly with it.
2. Type on the locator and send.
3. It will display two columns requesting for your matric number and password.
4. Locate ‘verify studentship’ below the two columns and click. Note, you are to verify your studentship for the first time and it can only be done once.
5. Fill the require details. Don’t panic if your name is wrongly joined together or you are unable to insert your name. It doesn’t matter.
6. Click continue to fill other details. You will be asked for password, it is advisable to use your surname.
7. Click on ‘proceed to login’. You will be required to put your matric number and password.
8. Once you log in, it will display a round button on the bar (besides your left). Click it. It will display another option, click on view results.
9. It will bring another option showing first semester 100 level, second semester 100 level, etc. Click on the result you want to check and enjoy the system.
10. Screenshot the page and write down your result. Then, use your normal method to calculate the GP.

Note: If the page displays empty space, it shows that your result has not been uploaded.
Also, if it is not showing full result. It is your phone’s screen. Remove it from portrait and bend it.

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