AOCOED: 5 Things you need to know about Excursion

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By: ABDULLAHI, Ridwan Ajibola

Without an iota of doubt, students believe that excursions are with the aim of viewing theoretical pedagogical knowledge of what the lecturers has taught in the class in accordance with the school curriculum.
Nowadays, excursions have turn to an activity that divert and also holds attention of participants whereas students are amused by seeing different things they haven’t came across before. Students are being taken to excursions to bring about delighted feelings and improve the students academically, morally and intellectually.

Inclusively, the aim of achieving these things is to eradicate the acrophobia , lack of exposure among 21st century learners, as such you need to get the following;


1- INTENTION: As a Student willing to learn, you need to change your intention towards the excursion you are about to engage in, For Intention comes before any thing an individual will embark on.


2- EXCURSION AS A TRAINING GROUND: Students with high intellect must understand that trip location is said to be a training ground. A learner is expected to humble him/herself to the coach. Training ground is to educate students.


3- DISCOVER YOUR TALENT: In a field trip most students find it difficult to discover their utmost talent because of low concentration and nonchalantĀ  attitude of participants on the field.


4- REFLECTION ON SIGNS AND WONDERS: Tourism without reflection is a waste of the days involved, deep thinking towards what is being observed either the way it started, limitations and how it will end. Reflection can be an expression with or without words giving a remark of careful consideration of signs.


5- PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: The rational investigation of questions about existence, knowledge or ethics which will make the participants have a critical thinking and leads to full understanding of nature.

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