Anticipating dearest nuptials

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Holy shit!
How many sheets
will I trash?

Even my pen keeps hiccupping and sweating furiously.

Damn it!some promises are just meant to be broken
I promised not to cry
but my eyes betrayed me
And the bucket of water broke

I feel a bang on my chest
Like my heart wanna rip off

As reality hits me,
I thought they were Figments of my imagination
But I was wrong

Just few hours to go,
I will be left alone with no one to pour out heavy loads on my heart to,
I will wake up to be surrounded by pillows,
I will return everyday to an empty room that once echoed with your laughter

Shall I not tell you?
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
Shall I not tell you?
You are my shoulder
When I lean,when life seemed unfair

We had our moments of despairs,
Together,we overcame it
And the result was sublime

Oh dearest!
This is truly real!
In few hours,you shall be someone else’s project.

Oh my!
My heart wants to prove its selfishness
But in reality,its on cloud nine
Coz you are going to be in safe hands.


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