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Nabilah Motolani AbdulGafar



One attaches, the other destructs, and   the later kills. These three utterances are uttered as a result of the present cognitive or emotional status of the speaker. The speaker might either be a male or a female, but the fact is: an emotion makes one human and a slave to emotion is the liberal woman. She gets depressed easily and moved by what she hears.


The rate at which youths break up in a so called tsetse fly relationship in recent times baffles as it causes AMNESIA all in the name of love, in the female participants is getting out of hand. Taking the university environment as a case study, this paper examines the open secret behind the men’s notion about love and possible factors that has aided a high tendency rate of Amnesia in females.


The understanding of the concept of love in recent times amongst youths could be described under the bases of being conditional and unconditional.


The Conditional love is seen as the one in which youths are more interested in, as it deals with the state or the emotion of the participant. The male conditional love is exercised as a result of the exposed body hemisphere of the female participant while the female conditional love is exercised due to the suitable or sustainable communication order in which the male participant has established.


Thus, the male participant could be said to be moved by what they see and their female counterparts to be naturally attached to the words of lullaby in which they hear. Psychologically, it is simply because the brain is the mind whereby they both interpret the stimuli that controls their action for an appropriate feedback to the sender.


Naturally, in the creation of man, women are known to be an epitome of love and nuturance while men are known to be structurally built with the charisma of discipline. Take for instance our mothers attitude in the home. The means of breastfeeding that takes place between the mother and the child serves as a source of attachment between the mother and the child, whereby their heart gets connected easily. Mothers are known to show love and care for the child and which such act would naturally be transferred to the child.


From observation, it is assumed that the child will grow up to be lighthearted and liberal in all dealings but from the impact of the father, the child is trained to be committed, fearless, disciplined and philosophical in all endeavour. Thus, our being is made up of different selves.


From the foregoing, in the case of love, females have been studied to be more committed in a relationship as compared to their male participant. From observation, there happens to be a so called jilt love, as I can possibly describe. This is because most male are into it for the satisfaction of their emotions. They for this reason do nasty things for their female participant(s).


Whereas, an experienced nasty event for a female causes loss of memory. The female memory with time depreciates after being disappointed for she has developed the highest level of trust and being committed in the relationship. The female participant experiences a “post traumatic stress disorder” after haven recalling her sacrificed time and confine she had in the male participant. Mind you, this disorder could as well be caused by three major factors which they could have earlier foreseen but which they keep pending over and over for their selfish interest.


These factors are: Incompatibility in the relationship, his urge for sex before marriage and an infidelity in the relationship. Most likely, the participants are aware that their religious, physical, class or whatsoever status does not fit to unite but they keep hoping that things will one day get better. Funny enough, the female participant gets irritated whenever he demands for sex but she keeps persuading and educating him about the dangers ahead with the strong faith that he will still change for better. Unknowing to her that the male counterpart has been in street before their contact but which he keeps hiding to be pure and caring in order to retain her with him.


Alas! My sisters are being cheated but they mostly die in silence as they wander helplessly and have no one to revive them when he one day leaves them for a stack he feels is better for him, since it a conditional love.

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