This Your Joke: A Message to the World

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By ABIDEEN, Muhammed Ayomide

As far as I know and as a matter of principle, religion permits us to joke but there is a boundary which we must not cross for any reason. Also, on the scale of moral, there must be a limit to joke or something like that. A discerning man will not joke with what is capable of causing confusion in the society or toy with others feeling especially when it is between opposite sex but the reverse is the case in our time. What a loss-hour!

It will be agreed that joke in the modern time has become the bane of our society, dragging many youths into calamity. It is also an instrument used by Devil and still using to take us to the world of frivolities and casting doubt and ambiguity in the minds of many people. Such that it becomes awkward to distinguish between the fact and the fallacy.

Experience also reveals that uncontrollable joke is the sure way to lose respect, dignity, honor, and trust among people, although at first, you may appear on top of the world, directly and indirectly, you are trading your honor with mere frivolities.

One needs not to go far before one sees reason amidst reasons why Islam does not support that one should be a full-time joker or comedian. The inevitable repercussion of this is that one wastes time, talent, potential and many more free gifts on material things, this many verses condemn. Or should we disobey our creator and obey His creature(The WEST who formulated materialism theory?)

Evidently, the joke is a breach of trust and our youth on the other hand wallow in its ignorance. The common thought about joke these days is that it is used to wipe away time resulting in time-abuse. Satan also makes it as a tool on social media to take us to an unethical way of doing things.

Just as lawful things like rice, water, etc is prohibited according to principle when it is deemed to be harmful to us. In the same vein, excessive joke and play especially with opposite sex, though allowable, needs to be laid aside especially when it opens door to evils in our immediate environment.

We have read and probably practiced many lewdly joke while we were kids (Drama of Mum and Dad) which resulted in the gradual disintegration of our moral value. Our youth on the other hand no longer finds it a social stigma to involves in dirty joke (sex joke) or attach husband or wife to one another under the pretense of a joke, especially on social media!

Truth be told, we can not rule out joke or rumor in an effective academic setting. It stimulates learners interest and preferably uses as a set induction in the classroom situations. Even with this, one must not lie or toy with others feeling. Any moment we intend to use friction, then it must start with phrases like assuming that, let us imagine that…….

Also, in the medical world, one who involves in excessive joke just for social reason suffers from a disease called Witzelsucht, which translates to ‘joke addition’. The disease (Witzelsucht, a mental disorder) causes people to make puns, compulsively joke, and engage in “wacky” behavior.

In other to curb the adverse effect of a joke in our world, all hands must be on deck and our teacher must come to play in order to reduce it to the minimal, if not totally eradicated in our society.

Teachers must critically examine the method he or she intends to use in teaching some sensitive topics like extended family, reproduction, etc so as not to create an ineradicable bad imprint in our student’s conscious mind.
We should in no way attach opposite sex together as husband and wife as an example and do not accept such from them as a form of a joke. Better still, a chart showing family cycle should be used as an instructional material for such topic. Body abuse, jest, mockery of others should totally frown at both inside the classroom and outside it.

In essence, a true vicegerent of God, a witness unto mankind, will not blend with such evil trend of a joke, he would rather condemn it in his speech and action, this is essential to uphold a high moral value that we all envisage for.

The supreme being when rebuking the hypocrites, He attributes excessive joke to them that directly and indirectly contributed to their dooms. This is because they are mere fools who build audacity to transgress the limits of Allah under the umbrella of joking and laughing.

Allah said about them in Quran 9 verse 64-65: “The hypocrites are apprehensive lest a surah be revealed about them, informing them of what is in their hearts. Say, ‘Mock [as you wish]; indeed, Allah will expose that which you fear.’ And if you ask them, they will surely say, ‘We were only conversing and playing.’ Say, ‘Is it Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking?’”

Evidently, Islam needs a sincere caller that will revive our heritage and solve the world aging crises. No wonder Al-Banna said: the task at our disposition is more than the time we have, leaving no time for an excessive joke.

However, it must be borne in our mind that Islam enjoins us to be a balanced nation. That our teachers and callers should shun unnecessary joke is not a means to live a lonely life or like a lion in the jungle that one can barely determines when sad or happy.

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