7 storey building collapses, 200 people beneath the building

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Suliyat Eletu

It was reported that on Friday 23rd Nov, 2018,at Woji GRA phase 2,in Port Harcourt, that a seven storey building collapsed and 200 People were trapped beneath the building including a pregnant woman.

Darlynton Ifeadigo Jomo who was a cousin to one of the victim that was trapped in this building said”Ihionu Ekene Morgan my cousin and a victim is yet to be found dead or alive “. He added that they have had a video call with one of their family members who has been on the site when the incident happened, but keeping vigil, hoping and praying that his cousin and the people who were trapped Beneath will be rescued.

More so, an excavator was what was used to still get those who were alive instead of a picker should have been appropriate equipment(s) to use in this situation in order not to cause more damage than those who are still alive in the basement of the collapsed building.

Report reaching the media confirms that there was also a pregnant lady who supplies food to the workers on site, was also trapped inside the building but as at Saturday morning, she was still screaming in there for help and also added that water is coming out from the ground and it has reached up her neck.

He implores the Government (federal and state), more companies, government parastatals , international organization and outside the world Would come to their aid.

He sums up saying:

” This is the lives of an innocent people who woke up In the morning for means of livelihood, we can’t play with their lives like we are playing same with chess.”

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