5 tips to pass your examination without stress

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Abideen Muhammed

Evidently, reading culture has been eroded in our society today. Preparing for examination for almost all students is very awkward. The case is even worse when you started an examination, had a break due to strike or other factors and you want to continue.

Students who have read so long or are already occupied with non- – academics work find it difficult to read again which can greatly affect the outcome. Without doubt, if the attitude is allow to go, it can result to mass failure or ‘narrow escape’ to success.

I therefore present five things to do to renew your energy, increase your enthusiasm and expect a resounding success in your examinations.

1. Group Reading

Group Reading assists a lot in gearing you up to take responsibility. It serves as an external motivation. It is good to always read and compare what you have read with others. Meanwhile, group reading is better done after your personal reading.

It is very bad to relay on group reading alone without your personal reading. You are to see group reading as an avenue to challenge others and vice versa. It will increase your readiness and enthusiasm to prepare well. The value of group reading is that it helps you to revise what you have read.

2. Prioritize your study time

Undoubtedly, some courses are more difficult and tasking than others which requires more study time than the less difficult courses. The unit of a course also dictates the attention to give to such course. So you need to determine the course that required your attention the most.

It is your duty to identify those courses that require more of your time and work for it. However, you must be careful not to use all your energy in a particular course while relegating others. Remember, 1 A and 5 F is still failure.

3. Examine yourself

Evaluating yourself before the final evaluation is a good idea. Convert everything you have read to questions to answer. Challenge your curiosity and increase your readiness for the exam.

After reading all the course materials, ensure you set at least three questions from each topic on your own and supply the answer. I mean you should draft exam questions and quiz yourself so that you can set expectations of what you need to focus on.

4. Eat well and take a rest

The way our brain is structured needs a lot of rest during examination period. It will aid your assimilation and store information for a very long time. A cool brain will accept more information without stress. Medically, you are to sleep for eight hours.

During examination period, you use more energy, strength and body system, thus you will need good food to regain your strength and energy.

You need to eat well and rest a lot during examination period so that you won’t fall sick. Sickness during examination is very bad though sometimes we mayn’t be able to restrict it. Remember, what causes brain breakdown and inability to recall is stress.

5. Be organized

Before leaving for any exam, please be organized. All the materials you will need for the exam ( exam permit, student Identify Card, Evidence of payment, Mathematical set, etc) should be kept in a bag. All you need to do is checking them everyday before leaving for the exam.

It is bad to carry your examination materials in your hand because the probability of misplacing them is high.

Get to the examination centre before scheduled time, it is very important. When you rush to exam centre, take question and sit for the examination without calmness can result to failure. There is high tendency that you will violate a rule and highly disorganized seeing others writing the same exam.

Don’t forget any of the tips. Many people have used it and it works for them!


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