5 special places you will love to see in Aocoed

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Abideen Muhammad & Mustapha Habeebah


These are the places that most student of Aocoed don’t know it exist in the college.

Animal rearing is part of agricultural department areas of concentration apart from rearing of goat and other mammals they also rear pigs of different species and size this can be located behind AIS (Aocoed International School) not far from Mami market along the school clinic.
They are in care of Mr. Clinton Agricultural Lecturer.


Table tennis.
Most Aocoedian would rather be on the field playing football while the table tennis field is been abandon,beside the table tennis venue is the largest hall in the College (DDP) alongside with the basket ball field
This has been abandoned due to the non availability of facility to be used in the field.


This is a place where chicken is being reared and the production of eggs has entrepreneur for the 200l agriculture Department, it is located in Aocoed farm very close to the college mosque.

Paper design.

This is a place where paper work is designed. where paper is used as decoration for events or our homes, used to write, it is own by an individual in Aocoed called Ayanfe, situated at the back of student union building.


Works service.

A place where all type, size, design, shapes of furniture are made under the control of the college management, located a the back of science complete beside science market.

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