5 reasons Okokomaiko is largely at risk of a cholera outbreak

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Cholera is a water borne diseases usually caused by unclean environment and contaminated water system. Okokomaiko today posses most of the cause of Cholera. Hence if situation not addressed,  Okokomaiko is at risk of cholera outbreak.


These are some of the reasons why Okokomaiko might witness cholera outbreak soon.

Poor Drainage system in Okokomaiko

Okokomaiko drainage system is not appropriate. Up to 95% of the streets lack drainage. Places where there is no drainage system, the environment remains unclean.


Poor Sanitation programme in Okokomaiko

Sanitation programme is not well addressed in Okokomaiko. Majority of people staying in Okokomaiko do not take sanitation serious. They all fails to clean their environment as at when due.


Food and drink exposure in Okokomaiko

The foods sellers in okokomaiko expose their products. It is quite easy for products in Okokomaiko to be contaminated before the consumer get its. Cholera spreads faster in an environment where foods and drinks are expose.



  • <cite class="fn">Odunlami Nasir</cite>

    Another reason that is of important to note is the indiscriminate dumping of refuse by the residents of the area.

    In addition many houses in the area lack proper sewage system for human faeces and urine. Many a time the faeces get spread over the the floor of street. This portends serious medical danger to the whole community especially the children who are more vulnerable.
    And some other reasons which i can’t state now because of time constraints.
    Solutions also need to be discussed and brought to the attention of all stakeholders

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